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2023's AI serves healthcare systems by making it possible to match patients with relevant content or services, based on the words patients use.


VITR.AI uses natural-language processing (NLP) to pinpoint patients' health care need in more than 10 different languages. The software is already used by several innovative health services in need of a way to direct patients to the right content or service, at scale

VITR.AI’s API-first approach makes it simple for your organization to start benefit of what they've been building since 2015.

VITR.AI powers several healthcare services and allows the safe routing of thousands of patients daily. On, for example, VITR.AI is used to display targeted and relevant ads to users and direct patients toward the best suited care provider for their need, allowing the platform to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 88.

VITR.AI offers an evergreen prediction system thanks to the updating, by our patient navigator experts, of its algorithm at each scope of practices' iteration generated by the adoption of new Law, Rule or Bill, or at the emergence of new symptoms or disease in a given population (e.g. COVID)

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