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Printeez creates custom apparel for individuals, brands and businesses seeking superior quality standards. Screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment, digital printing, hem tags, neck tags and every decorative.

Printeez makes it fast and easy to order custom printed apparel that people love to wear.

How can a print shop realize this mission? For them it is simple, they invest all of their time in developing relationships with their TEAM and spreading their PASSION which then reflects on their leading-edge quality and services they are able to provide to their clients worldwide. 

They are recognized as young leaders and innovators of their industry.






FPV Drone​ & Short Form Content


Printeez was founded by passion. The passion for screen printing and helping others. Their mission is to innovate and find new ways to help businesses and organizations grow and make an impact ! 

Let’s talk about Numbers:


4 million organic views generated in only 4 months from accounts that had 0 views at the beggining


On average, around 35 000 people consume Printeez's content every day


Printeez's most viewed video on Facebook

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