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The villas of AZULIK Tulum were designed to create an atmosphere for rest and reconnection. With no air conditioning, television or electric light, we reduce the impact technology has on the environment and our ability to get in tune with our surroundings.

Within their premises, you can discover 48 unique villas, a contemporary art gallery, a House of Ancestral Medicine, a spa and wellness center, a fashion boutique, a beauty sanctuary, a beach club, and three restaurants -Mexican, Japanese, and farm-to-table- that offer the most elevated gastronomic experiences in Tulum.

They have built elevated wooden paths that twist and turn, which allow trees to grow freely and let the jungle’s native inhabitants to move undisturbed below. All premises are lit exclusively by candlelight, creating a natural ambiance perfect for a relaxing retreat or a romantic getaway.

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the jungle of Tulum, they seek to provide a unique experience where art and nature intertwine to create an environment to reconnect with oneself.

Enjoy an unforgettable sunset while you float over the jungle. Tulum’s magnificent landscape combined with the finest mixology makes every sundown in Azulik's tree house a moment to remember.

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