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Maple 3 online store offers a great range of organic maple water based beverages including original pure maple water, a great hydration for your daily consumption.

Maple 3

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In the spring of 2009, Stéphane was walking on his land tapping maple trees and preparing to produce maple syrup. Exhausted and dehydrated, he decided to take a sip of the sap that was running out of a maple tree. Recovering quickly, he wondered why such a wondrous resource as sap had never been shared with the world before. Thus, the world's first dedicated maple forest for sap production was born.

Today, they are no longer the only ones to love this wonderful natural resource! In 2018, they were finalists in the prestigious "Global Bottled Water Awards" competition, in Evian (France). They are proud to share their heritage and find their products in more than 10 countries, from Canada to Korea.

Maple 3 maple water has earned widespread recognition as an exceptional plant-based beverage for optimal hydration. Individuals now choose Maple 3 as their go-to drink for staying properly hydrated throughout the day, drawn to its exquisite taste that surpasses that of ordinary tap water. 

Athletes have embraced maple water as a wholesome substitute for sugary and artificially flavored sports drinks. With the growing demand for lower-calorie options, sparkling maple water has emerged as an excellent selection to replace sugary sodas and add a delightful twist to cocktails.

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