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Corona is a premium beer, classic and authentic, recognized worldwide for its high quality, refreshing taste and image. Serve with a lime wedge for an unparalleled flavour of relaxation.







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Since 1925, Corona has encouraged beer drinkers to seek out simple pleasures in places with a slower pace and a relaxed vibe. Whether it’s on white powder beaches, or in white powder snow, we believe life is best lived outside with a bucket of ice-cold Coronas.

This philosophy has been embraced around the globe in over 180 countries, including right here in Canada where we are the most loved beer brand. With our refreshing flavour complemented with a lime in the iconic clear bottle, Corona has become a hallmark of any gathering with friends.

Corona is known for innovation in the fight against climate change and this expansion means more good news.  With improved efficiency in supply chain steps along the way – from “seed to sip” – this will contribute to an annual carbon footprint decline of 10,369 metric tons.  The impact is the same as taking 2,240 cars off the road every year.

Corona also introduced more environmentally friendly packaging last year by removing all plastic from Corona cans, including plastic shrink wrap and plastic six-pack rings, and has now introduced new compostable cardboard packaging. Corona is a favourite at any gathering and now, it’ll be easier than ever for Canadians to enjoy the unparalleled flavour of relaxation.

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