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Printeez: From 0 to More than 4 Million Views in 4 Months!

Four months ago, Printeez and Benjy Films embarked on an exciting digital journey, transforming accounts with modest statistics, almost 0 views and limited engagement, into a remarkable success story. Based in Granby, Printeez specializes in personalized printing on clothing, offering a full range of services, from graphics to embroidery. Learn how our innovative social media strategy took Printeez to new heights of visibility and engagement.

*Results on Facebook

1. From Nothingness to Digital Light:

Initially, the various Printeez accounts were somewhat of a blank slate, with almost 0 views and marginal engagement. Benjy Films took on the challenge by creating a robust and personalized strategy, with the main goal of making Printeez shine on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

2. Engaging Content Concepts and Video Responses to Build Trust:

Our approach was clear: engaging content concepts and responses to comments in video capsules to build trust. Rather than simply responding in writing, our video responses created an authentic connection with the audience. The goal was to turn comments into opportunities for direct interaction and build a strong relationship with the community.

*Results on TikTok

3. Proven Video Structure to Ensure Success:

The structure of each video has been carefully thought out to maximize impact. A "hook" captivating in the first 2 seconds, coupled with impactful animations, immediately grabbed attention. Then, quality information was presented with the infectious energy of Shawn, the owner of Printeez. Finally, each video concluded with a clear call to action, inviting viewers to turn their interest into concrete action. In short, transform visibility into income.

4. Amazing Results on the Platforms:

The numbers tell the story of success:


  • 1,551,300 views in 4 months

  • An average of 387,000 views per month.

  • The most viewed video reached over 637,000 views.


  • A rise to 2,325,200 views in 4 months

  • An average of 581,000 views per month.

  • The most viewed video captivated 566,000 viewers.


  • Solid results with 271,440 views in 4 months

  • An average of 67,000 views per month

  • The most viewed reaching 24,000 views.


Although considered more demanding terrain,

  • Printeez gained 43,580 views in 4 months

  • An average of 10,895 views per month.

  • The most viewed video reached 4,100 views.

5. Total of 4,191,520 Views in 4 Months:

The cumulative effect of our strategy has led to an incredible total of 4,191,520 views across all platforms in just 4 months. The most viewed video reached a remarkable peak of 637,000 views.

6. An Active Audience of 35,000 People Consuming Printeez Content Daily:

Not only are the views impressive, but so is the daily engagement of 35,000 people consuming Printeez content. This demonstrates the positive impact of the strategy on building an active and engaged community.

Printeez and Benjy Films have come an extraordinary distance in just 4 months. If you are looking to take your business to new heights of visibility and engagement, Benjy Films is ready to design a custom strategy for you. Book a free consultation with our team of experts to discuss your goals and find out how we can help you achieve your digital aspirations.

At Benjy Films, our passion is turning digital dreams into reality. Click on the link above and discover how we can highlight your business in an exceptional way, while optimizing your presence on social networks.


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