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7 Essentials Every Content Creators Must Have in Their Camera Bag

Content creation is a fun and exciting process. You get to shoot and produce your own content, creating something different from what you already have. Inspiration for content can come from anywhere and at any time, so it's important for creators to always be prepared with their gadgets in hand.

As a content creator, you never know what situation you might find yourself in when you have to pull out your camera bag and create content. It is important to have various photo and video shooting tools in your bag so that you are prepared for all sorts of scenarios. Whether it be filming in a noisy or dark environment, the right tools can make all the difference. Every content creator should aim to have the following 7 essential pieces of equipment at their disposal:

1. Drone - Drones are awesome! They've been around for ages, yet their cool factor remains. Drones are used in a variety of industries, including content creation and photography. They offer a great perspective on things that we can't reach so they are used in shooting aerial photography and used for special effects. These flying devices are also awesome for catching some beautiful landscape shots while traveling. It's hard to deny how game-changing owning a drone can be.

Top pick: The DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo has everything you need to capture amazing quality images and videos with its 1-inch sensor, 5.4K video resolution, 31-minute flight time, and MasterShots.

2. Pocket-Sized LED Light - Competition is becoming more intense among content creators. There are so many channels with the same type of content so you have to give your video a unique edge if you want people to watch yours.

A good lighting setup is vital to help improve your content production, hence it makes sense to go for LEDs. LED lighting can transform any space into a professional studio. They come in handy when shooting in tricky environments.

Top pick: Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or hobbyist, the Aputure Amaran AL-MX is the perfect fill light for you if you want a larger-than-life image or video with no shadows.

3. Portable Charger - Taking pictures and videos can quickly drain battery power. When you need to go for a shoot and realize that your battery is low or the battery dies because there wasn’t an electrical outlet, it's an absolute nightmare! Well, without a power source, your devices are as good as useless.

Don't let that happen to you. Always have a portable charger in your backpack. As long as you're on the go and need to power up your devices, this should be near the top of your list of essentials. Get a portable charger that works for all your devices. Having a portable charger with you will let you concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about your device’s battery power.

Top pick: The Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger is powerful enough to charge most devices and phones more than 6 times.

4. Gorilla Pod (Tripod) - A Gorilla Pod is more than just the regular tripod. Unlike most tripods, all the legs are segmented and bendable. It is a budget-friendly option for filmmakers, vloggers and anyone else looking to take advantage of its versatility. One of the best features of this unique tripod is its ability to change shape; making it an essential equipment for creators looking to capture unlimited angles.

When it comes to getting the most out of your tool, you need to start with its flexible wrap-around legs. This is where the magic happens. Once you attach the Gorilla Pod to an object, it will hold tight no matter what.

Top pick: The Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit is one of the most versatile and useful gadgets you can take to a shoot with you. This handy equipment comes with three flexible legs, enabling your tripod to wrap around trees or be placed on any surface. No need for an extra photographer when you're with this tool.

5. Camera Cleaning Kit - If your lens isn’t crystal clear, the images you take will probably not look as good as they should. It's best if you clean your lens every so often to ensure there are no fingerprints, dirt, or dust on them.

Get a cleaning kit that includes a variety of cleaning tools like a durable air blower, lens cleaning pen, lens cleaning paper, cleaning brush, microfiber cleaning cloths, etc.

Top pick: With the CamKix Camera Lens Cleaning Kit, you can effortlessly get rid of dust, oil, and fingerprints that can potentially ruin your shots.

6. Mic - A good quality mic can be the difference between a professionally finished piece of work and an amateurish production. You wouldn't think a piece of equipment as simple as a microphone would be so important. Yet, that's exactly what is needed to improve the quality of your audio.

There are many types of microphones to choose from so have a look around and find one that works best for your specific needs.

Top pick: The Rode VideoMicro is a must-have microphone for any content creator. It turns your videos into masterpieces. Additionally, the mic is small enough to be mounted on a wide range of cameras.

7. SSD - Extremely fast transfer speed is usually a key element that content creators must consider in order to be time efficient. The easiest and fastest way to transfer content from your camera is by using a good SSD. This way, it takes less time for the files to transfer and you won’t have to wait for a long time.

A solid-state drive gives you extra space to save your important videos without clogging up your devices.

Top pick: The Samsung T7 Portable SSD transfers data almost 9.5x faster than an external HDD; making it the perfect storage device for those who need to get their work stored quickly.

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